Our clients and partners

Clients of "Conto-Consulting" Auditor firm are the enterprises which are working in various segments of business among them:

  • Permanent establishments of the foreign  entities
  • The enterprises with foreign investments, and foreign companies.
  • The enterprises (the joint-stock companies, limited liability partnerships, private enterprises).

"Conto-Consulting" auditor firm cooperates with the law and consulting companies such as:

  • Attorney Association Alexander Grigorov & Partners
    Lyssenko Str.1, Of.1
    01034 Kiev, Ukraine
    Tel.: 246-58-68
    Fax: 246-59-72
    E-mail: grigorow@volaicable.com
  • The sole entrepreneur Shabratko
    01133 Kiev, Ukraine
    Parkway L.Ukrainki 19, 146
    Ph. (050) 352 65 21