The information-consulting service is the most popular among our clients because of urgent delivery of necessary information by oral and in writing form (to prepare written answer usually takes us 3 working days);

The prices on services for each client are determined individually and are dependent from the system of the book keeping and tax accounting,  system of the internal control amount of divisions and other criteria. The volume of work is determined by order of document circulation, quantity of primary documents (contracts, certificates act, settlement orders, etc.), turn-over, and other indication.

We guarantee to you full confidentiality of the information provided during audit.

1. Carrying out of auditor checks

Audit of the financial statement UAH 800 per working day
Audit of a financial statement of banks founders, the companies with the foreign investments, joint-stock companies . UAH 800 per of working day
Internal audit (monthly) of the accounting system From UAH 5000 per month
Confirmation of reliability and completeness of the annual financial statements of the joint-stock companies From UAH 10000
Urgent survey auditor check (2 days) From UAH 1000
Thematic auditor check From UAH 1000
Transformation of the financial statement according separate agreements


2. Consulting services

Consulting UAH 200 per 1 hour
Written consultations UAH 500 per 1 hour
Constant consulting service UAH 1000-1400 per a month


3. Providing of the accounting and tax service*

Conducting of book keeping

  • Salary charge
  • Drawing up of such documents as:
    • Advance reports,
    • Filling fix assets and other non-current assets registers
    • Stocks account  registers
    • Cost account registers
    • Drawing up and submission of the payroll tax statements reports wages: to Fund (monthly), to Social Insurance Fund for temporary disability (quarterly), to Fund for Employment Fund (quarterly), in to of Social Insurance from Fund accidents (quarterly), physical persons income tax (the Form 1-DF,quarterly);
From UAH 1500 up to 7000 per month

Conducting of the Tax account

  • Drawing  up and submission of the declaration on the profit tax of the enterprise (for first 1 quarter, half-a-year, 9 months, 11 months (if necessary) and for a year periods);
  • Drawing up and submission of VAT declaration (monthly or quarterly);
  • Registering of the tax waybills documental traffic;
  • Preparation and submission of the municipal tax statements (quarterly);
  • Preparation and submission of pollution of the environment tax statement (quarterly);
  • Preparation and submission of vehicles (owner’s tax statements yearly or at the moment of purchase of the vehicle);
  • Preparation of tax settlement orders**
From UAH 2500 up to 7000 per month
For newly permanent establishments full-scope accounting service UAH 2000-4000 per month
Conducting the book-keeping and tax accounting From UAH 5000 up to 12000 per month

* the Extra charge for complexity coefficient establishment on the level from 1,5 up to 2,0
   The extra charge urgent performance of work from 1, 5 up to 2,0
   The prices are to be adjusted by inflation index

** The Executor does not carry cash transactions (reception, delivery of a cash, fulfillment of the bank settlements)

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