"Conto-Сonsulting" audit firm  provides the audit of the financial statements within the requirements of  UAS, IFRS, GAAP, book-keeping and tax accounting, and consulting service.

The precise organization of the accounting is basis of our activity.

We can offer full- scope accounting service for the enterprises during which the accounting will be carried out by our specialist.

In particular " Conto-Сonsulting " auditor firm renders such kinds of services:

  • Audit of the financial statements according to national and international accounting statement.
  • Audit of the tax statements of companies, and permanent establishments;
  • Selective audit checks (cash transactions, the fixed assets and stocks accounts, etc.);
  • Rendering of the book keeping service: development of orders on the accounting policy development of the document circulation system, payroll accounting, filling and submition of financial and tax statement;
  • Urgent auditor survey of the accounting system;
  • Consulting on book keeping and tax accounts both in oral, and written forms;
  • Confirmation of reliability and completeness of the annual financial statements of the open joint-stock companies, the enterprises - bonds emitters, professional participants of a securities market;
  • Transformation of the financial statements according to the International Accounting Standards s;
  • Independent estimations and examinations.

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